Maternity Photoshoot by Professional Maternity Photographer Meghna Rathore

By far this is my favorite photoshoot in the maternity category. It came out so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off the final pictures. I loved clicking this amazing couple as the chemistry between the so filled with love. The pictures were liked a lot by the expecting parents also.

Maternity Photoshoot Pictures


This photoshoot is very close to my heart and I tried quite a few new things in this photo session. And as it’s said that one would grow only unless one continues to learn and I totally believe in this.

So this amazing couple reached out to me for their maternity photoshoot and I had many briefing calls with them to get them ready for the photoshoot. She finalized some of the most amazing maternity dresses from my wardrobe. We also discussed small details about dressing style for the partner, makeup etc.

So then came the day of the photoshoot and I welcomed this wonderful couple in my Gurugram, India based photo studio. We clicked instantly and I had a warm welcome conversation with them. I ensured that the expecting mother is comfortable and enjoyed the photo shoot rather than simply posing for the clicks. We then moved on to the makeup of the mother and she was looking like an angel from another world.

We then started our photoshoot with a moon prop with a white backdrop. For this setup, the mother choose a light brown color dress and she was looking so beautiful in that maternity dress. I decorated the moon drop with the flowers and it was looking amazing. I clicked a couple of pictures in this setup with different poses. I also clicked a few couple pictures in this. I then used the same dress setup for some standing poses for trying out a new idea of moon posing and it came out very nice. I also used the angle wings concept for this pose.

We then moved to a black maternity dress setup. For this, we used a dark grey color backdrop and I used a couple of decorative props and flowers to fill up the background. I took a couple of pictures in this setup. I also took my favorite lying pose picture in this setup. I also clicked a few couple pictures in this setup and all of them came out amazing.

The expecting mother then tried out the blue dress and we took quite a few pictures in standing poses with flying dress concepts etc. We also took many couple of pictures in this.

In the end, the whole photo shoot was an amazing experience for the couple and me also. I enjoyed the session to the fullest and the final pictures came out amazing.

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