Photo Shoot by Professional Newborn Photographer Meghna Rathore – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida.



These are some photos I clicked of a 40 days old newborn baby boy. He is an adorable boy, one of the prettiest babies that came into my studio for a photo shoot and he bonded very well with me immediately. For clicking these pictures I got in touch with her parents to understand their vision of the photoshoot they wanted for their baby and then Based on the Client’s preference and Input, I tried to be creative and to do exactly what they were looking for and they were happy with the photoshoot and the result that came out.

The parents wanted to keep the photoshoot in the first half of the day and I agreed with them, this is recommended for most of the people who what to get photos taken of their newborns as the babies are fresh after waking up and as newborns spend most of the time sleeping doing the photoshoot in the first half of the day immediately after they wake up or within a few hours is considered best.

The first thing I do before a photo shoot with newborns is played with them a little, hold them in my arms and make them feel comfortable. This makes the photoshoot easier as they feel safe and comfortable and the photos turn out to be amazing when the baby is happy and comfortable.

We started out the session with an off-white background with the baby wearing similar-coloured clothes and a blanket. I started with the baby lying on a heart shaped pillow with a furry design on the edge of the heart which made a very pretty aroma with the off white background.

Then as per the parents choice, we moved to some superhero backgrounds, the first one was superman where the baby is wrapped in a blue blanket and wearing a hat with the superman logo with a similar coloured background and some superman magazines in background around the baby.

Then we took some classical photos in likewise backgrounds. Then we moved to some special backgrounds like the baby lying in the back of a train-shaped bucket with an American rural environment that gave a sort of Sherif look to the baby and the creativity for this photos was really appreciated by the baby’s parents 

Then we took some photos in the classic red-rose petal look in which the baby was wrapped in a green blanket and that gave a really vibrant look to the photos. For some of the photos I left a leg of the baby out of the blanket which looked very pretty and cute.

We also took some photos in different shades of yellow background with different floral designs and different sorts of baskets that suited the background and the baby’s outfit, we also used a sky background with many stars and a moon that made a very bright and shiny look while the baby was in a swing basket that was half moon shaped with a blue blanket and switched baskets accordingly of different sorts and colours keeping that background the same.

Then we moved to some family photos, for this I used a white background with the mother and the baby dressed in blue with the blue flowers in the mother’s hair and the baby’s father dressed in white and the photos turned out to be amazingly pretty, we clicked some photos with same background and attire in different positions. Then for some more family photos we moved to a black and brown background with the father wearing the same white and the mother and the baby in beige and the photos looked very good.

We ended the session with some photos where the father was holding the baby in his hands and only his hands and the baby was visible in the photos, and one photo where only the baby’s foot was visible with both of his parents hands. Overall it was fun. The parents of the baby enjoyed the photoshoot and were really happy with the results.