Photo Shoot by Professional Newborn Photographer Meghna Rathore – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida

The final images after the photoshoot were so mesmerizing and were liked by parents a lot.



I started the photoshoot using a bucket theme. I wrapped the new born baby in a peach pink cloth and made her wear a flower hairband. She was sleeping in a wooden bowl and on top of the wooden bowl I placed a white fur. I placed a light purple backdrop. And on the bottom, right and left of the wooden bowl I placed pink flowers. With the remaining space I placed pink flowers with no stem on the purple backdrop. I then clicked couple of pictures in this setup.

I then made a small change in the same setup to give a bit of variety. I placed rainbow plush small hearts. And for the pic to look even more better I made the baby hold a yellow heart. I then clicked couple of pictures in this setup.

In this pic I placed the baby on the purplish blackish backdrop. And used the same wrapping as the two previous setups. On top of the baby, I placed a transparent red cloth with white pearls. This was a close in pic as there was bit space left, I placed four white stars.

In this next setup was a potato sack setup. I wrapped the baby in a purple Cloth with white pearls and a purple flower headband. and as this was a close in shot, I used a simple purple fur.I used the same fur and cloth but I changed the flower headband to A yellow flower hairband with purple bunny ears. In the next pic I used same cloth and fur. And I removed the bunny ears and for variety added a purple beer bottle plush and a purple cupcake.

In this next setup was a wooden tub setup. I placed the baby in a wooden tub with a whitish fur. A placed a black backdrop and white flowers with stem. I wrapped the aby in a purple cloth with a purplish hairband.

This next setup was a heart wooden bowl theme. I wrapped the baby in a red cloth and made her wear a red flower hairband. I placed her in the wooden heart bowl and placed a white blanket and a red pillow.  On the left, right and bottom of the heart wooden tub I placed lime green leaves and with the remaining space placed red flowers with no stem. Then I clicked a couple of pictures.

In this next pic I used a sunflower setup. I wrapped the baby in a yellow cloth and made her wear sunflower petal hairband. I placed a white bucket then yellow fur and placed a small plush scarecrow. I made her legs come out of the wrapping. I used a yellow backdrop and then put yellow flowers some leaves. I clicked a few more pics

I used the same wrapping, hairband and backdrop for this pick. I removed the bucket, flowers with stems. And placed Plush flowers with no stems on top of the baby. I placed the baby on the backdrop with a scarecrow.

I placed a light-yellow backdrop and wrapped the baby in a yellow wrapping with a flower hairband. I placed a pillow moon, cotton Beside the pillow moon as a cloud moon and plush hearts. I placed the baby on top of the moon pillow. And under one of the baby’s legs, I placed a small ladder.

In this next setup I used a moon like set up.  I used a dark brown backdrop for this shot. First, I placed a white carpet underneath the wooden moon. Then I placed a light brown fur on the moon. I placed the baby on the brown fur and wrapped her in a light brown blanket

This shot was a family shot. I first placed a black backdrop. Then I wrapped the baby in a pink blanket and placed a flower headband on her. The mom is wearing a red gown and the dad is wearing a suit and both of them are holding the baby by one hand.