Photo Shoot by Professional Newborn Photographer Meghna Rathore – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida.





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These are some photos I clicked of a 27 days newborn baby girl. She is a very cute and pretty girl, and I loved the photoshoot of Her. For clicking these her parents contacted me so firstly, I got in touch with her parents to understand their vision of the photoshoot they wanted for their baby then Based on the Client’s preference and Input, I tried to do exactly what they were looking for.

The photoshoot was done during the first half of the day. I advise all the clients for the photoshoot to be done during the first half of the day as babies are normally considered more active during that time of the day as it is just a few hours after they woke up, but it can be done during the time of the client’s preference. Once I welcomed the little baby girl in my studio the next thing was to brief the baby girl’s parents about the flow of the photo session and explained how the session would go. I then spent some time with the baby so that she gets to feel comfortable with me which is considered one of if not the most important for a newborn especially when they are to be taken photos of. I had an instant love and connection with the baby the moment I held her in my arms. Once the baby was comfortable, we started the photo shoot.

We started with the classic red background because this was the girl’s parent’s first preference and it gave an attractive and radiant look with contrast to the lighting and the baby.

The baby is wrapped in a red velvet blanket so that the baby is comfortable during the photo shoot and then the other clothing and decorations are added onto the blanket to provide the baby as much comfort as possible.

Keeping the red background we started the photoshoot with some hearts of different shades of red and pink in contrast to the red background.

Then on the same red background, I added a floral headband on the baby’s head and from hearts, we moved to floral and plant backgrounds keeping their contrast to the red coloured background.

Then to switch it up we moved to a white background keeping the baby in the red blanket as the shades of red and white matched giving the baby a very pretty look. Then I put the baby on a furry white cushion while the baby was wrapped in the red blanket and added a white furry and shiny crown on the baby girl’s head to maintain the contrast and give it a pinch of twist from the ordinary.

Then I put some soft toys, flowers and plants for different photos keeping the white and red contrast.

Then we switched to a floral baby pink coloured background, for starters I put the baby in a shell-shaped basket, I switched the baby’s blanket from red to a shade of pinkish orange, I made an ocean look around the shell-shaped basket that the baby girl was lying in. I also put some sea shells and sea bean jewellery around the baby.

Then in the pink background, I put the baby in a small basket with beige blankets and while clicking these photos the baby girl opened up her eyes and made the photos a hundred times prettier, it was a magical moment for both me and her parents.

After that, we switched the background to beige and took some photos by adding a floral design to it, and then I did the same with a different wooden background.

Then we moved to click some photos of the baby girl with her brother in the furry white background, and after that, we moved to take photos of her with her other family members.

For this we switched to a brown background as it looked radiant with the family of the baby girl dressed in a black and beige outfit, we did several family photos with different family members holding the baby girl in several different positions.

As a whole, the whole photoshoot was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it a lot every picture came out very nice. The parents of the baby were very happy with how the photos turned out.