Photo Shoot by Professional Newborn Photographer Meghna Rathore – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida

The final images after the photoshoot were so mesmerizing and were liked by parents a lot.



These are some photos I clicked of a 32days old baby boy. He is a very cute and pretty boy, and I loved the photoshoot of Him. For clicking these I got in Touch with his parents to understand their vision of the photoshoot they wanted for their baby. Based on the Client’s preference, I tried to do exactly what they were looking for based on their input.

On the day of the shoot, I welcomed the little baby boy in my studio.The photoshoot session was done during the first half of the day as babies are normally considered more active during that time of the day as it is just after a few hours after they woke up. I briefed parents about the flow of the photo session and explained how the session would go. I then spent some time with the baby so that he gets to feel comfortable with me which is considered one of if not the most important for a newborn especially when they are to be taken photos of. I had an instant love and connection with the baby the moment I held him in my arms. Once the baby was comfortable, we started the photo shoot.

We started off with a beige background as it gave a really good contrast with the baby’s attire, in this the baby was lying on a heart with wings, while the baby was wrapped in a white comfy blanket.

Then we moved to a brown background, for these photos the baby was dressed in white and lying in a heart shaped basket, with floral designs in the back saying “LOVE” then we changed the decorations and instead of flowers I added pumpkin and those with a dark background gave a Halloween look to the photoshoot.

After that we took some photos while the baby was lying on a furry white mat, wearing the same coloured outfit. After that came the classic wood background which really gave a vibrant look to the photos, for this I wrapped the baby in a comfy blanket and then covered that with a jute blanket and put the baby in a briefcase basket and that added a few props in the background like Callander, mc-fries, globe, candle, books, soft toys and all this really brought out the colour finish and brightened the photographs even more, as there was a candle in the background there was no need to use external lights and the photos came out really pretty, we also tried switching the briefcase basket with others like sofas and normal basket for a few photos.

Then we switched to a background where it seemed as though it was all flowers in the background with the baby lying in a basket in the middle of the flower garden.

Then we tried something new, we added different shades of beige in one background and added a few flowers and crop plants and it brought out the vibe of the photo, we took some photos in uth background with different baskets while the baby was wrapped in a brown blanket with his hands and legs coming out of the blanket.

In the brown background we used earlier we took a basket which was green at its bottom and red at the top, looked like a flower, the baby was lying in the basket covered with a beige blanket and the photos looked really pretty with this attire.

Then we took some photos with different backgrounds of peachy pink, yellow, blue and some home looking designs. All the photos were taken with different attire, clothes, blankets and different props according to the background.

At last we took some family photos in a brown background with different designs like flowers, lights, wings, stars on the brown background, the baby was wrapped in a grey blanket while his mother was in a pretty bright red dress and his father’s attire was light blue, we took some photos with different animations and poses and they turned out to look really pretty.

The overall experience was very fun and the parents of the baby were really happy with the photos.