Maternity Photoshoot by Professional Maternity Photographer Meghna Rathore

By far this is my favorite photoshoot in the maternity category. It came out so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off the final pictures. I loved clicking this amazing couple as the chemistry between the so filled with love. The pictures were liked a lot by the expecting parents also.

Maternity Photoshoot Pictures


I loved this maternity photoshoot very much as the couple was so amazing and fun to shoot with. They enjoyed the photo session very much and were always ready to try out new things and poses.

After the initial briefing about the photoshoot, the dresses and gowns were finalized for the shoot. Now on the day of the shoot, we started with a cherry red gown dress. We used the half moon prop with a white backdrop as the theme. I took a couple of pictures using this setup. I then removed the moon and took some standing poses also in the same dress with a white backdrop. I then added a couple of variations to this setup by adding the wooden ladder and jute carpet etc and took a few more amazing pictures.

We then kept the same white backdrop but changed the dress to a black long gown. I took a couple of standing poses in this setup and also a few by sitting on the stool. The combination of black and white was coming out amazing.

We then used a green drape for the next round of setup. For this one, I used a dark brown backdrop and clicked a couple of amazing portraits and long-standing poses in this one. We then changed to a mustard yellow dress and took a couple of pictures in that dress also.

We then finally changed to the peach color premium gown and took pictures in my favorite lying pose pictures. We also took a couple of standing pose pictures in this dress using a flowery peach backdrop. We also took a lot of couple pictures also in this shoot and both of them enjoyed it a lot




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