Maternity Photoshoot Album by Meghna Rathore Photography


Photo Shoot by Professional Maternity Photographer – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida

Being able to capture the beauty and joy of to-be mom and dad is blissful, for the parents, their family and me. The glow of a mommy-to-be is itself so gorgeous and with some efforts from my team and I, we captured this moment. To show their appreciation and love, the couple gave a splendid google review too.

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Came to know about Meghna from our close friend and after contacting her from the very first day she was so responsive and the way she guided for each and every little things related to the shoot shows that how professional she is. Thanku so much Meghna for creating a bunch of memories which we will cherish forever 😊. We are in love with the pictures and overall experience with you. Not only the work but you are wonderful as a human and like a family in few hours . My daughter Gazleen liked your company a lot .Thank you so much Rajat for recommending her. Highly recommended ❤️.




In this photoshoot we tried two amazing dresses. One with a long frill with peach color and the other a green gown. The adorable family and the glowing couple posed for us while eagerly waiting for their new addition.


Simplicity, beauty and the truest form of human emotions are all clearly visible from this photoshoot. A family that is waiting to welcome their newest addition with love, care, compassion and excitement. A very elegant and gracious mother-to-be posed wearing a peach frill gown and using flowers as props in front of a floral background. She also gave us a lying down pose with flowers in her hair as props. The queen also wore a tiara and posed while sitting on a royal blue chair in front of a black ground in the same dress. The couple gave us a gorgeous candid shot in front of a floral background wearing the peace dress and beige shirt while sitting on a stool.

We also clicked a few pictures with their adorable daughter who will soon be an elder sister. The family gave us some very simple and royal shots in front of a black background where the mother wore the peach dress and the daughter wore a very cute red dress. We also clicked a couple of snuggling shots of the mother and daughter duo posing in front of a floral background.

For the next set we dressed the gorgeous expecting mother in a dark green gown in front of a black background. We used as tool and a tiara as props to help give a very royal and elegant theme to the photographs. In this set the family gave us very adorable and excited shots calling out to the baby. The shots as fun to look at as they were to shoot. We dressed the daughter in a similar coloured dress for this set while the soon to-be father wore a black suit.