Photo Shoot by Professional Newborn Photographer Meghna Rathore – Delhi, Gurgaon Noida.



These are some photos I clicked of a 20 days old baby boy. He is a very cute and pretty boy, and I loved the photoshoot of Him. For clicking these I got in touch with his parents to understand their vision of the photoshoot they wanted for their baby. 

On the day of the shoot, I welcomed the little baby boy in my studio. The photo shoot session was done during the first half of the day as babies are normally considered more active during that time of the day as it is just after a few hours after they woke up. I briefed parents about the flow of the photo session and explained how the session would go. I then spent some time with the baby so that he gets to feel comfortable with me which is considered one of if not the most important for a newborn especially when they are to be taken photos of. I had an instant love and connection with the baby the moment I held him in my arms. Once the baby was comfortable, we started the photo shoot.

First off, we started with a brown background because that gave a radiant look with contrast to the baby. I started with the photos of the baby in a basket. Then I tried to make some floral designs around the basket keeping the same brown background. I first clicked with floral designs and then used fruit designs.

Then I clicked some photos of the baby wrapped in a furry blanket with some soft toys and animated designs with different expressions of the baby like sleeping, smiling, relaxing and other angles and reactions I could get to keep the baby as comfortable as possible.

Then I added some greenery to the background and to the base of what the baby was lying on, which turned out to be really pretty with some flowers in contrast to the greenery around and some photos with only the greens of nature.

Then I used the classic and pretty radiant red colour with some rose petals and that turned out to look very pretty on the baby boy, I also put a flower on the baby’s head that made a match with the background.

Then I added a basket and some greens/ plants in the background with contrast to the red background, in this photo the baby was wrapped in a red blanket and I put a white blanket in the basket under the baby which not only just made the baby comfortable but also turned out to be a pretty colour combination for the photos.

Then we tried some shades of blue and orange and added decorations like blankets and flowers and baskets that made matched the colour of choice and the colour of the photo. We also tried to make a spring photograph look like the photo, in which the baby was in a basket and the decorations were of spring petals and the background was chosen in contrast to the petals.

Then I clicked some photos of the baby with his parents,  for this, the baby was wrapped in a black blanket which was a colour chosen in contrast to his parent’s outfit, and as the outfit was black I chose a black/grey-ish background which really turned out to be very pretty.

As a whole, the whole photoshoot was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it a lot every picture came out very nice. The parents of the baby were very happy with how the photos turned out.